Lubricant Oil


Synthetic Oil :

Today's market and machine manufacturers have moved from mineral to synthetic lubricants for Long life and Fuel economy. We have the entire range of industrial and automotive synthetics with us.

We offer lubricating oil, which is used as slide way purpose oil and door closer oil. It is formulated using quality ingredients to reduce wear and tear and alleviate friction of the machine parts. Known for high performance, the Synthetic Engine Oil that we offer possesses superior chemical and physical properties.

Transformer Oil :

Transformer Oils are electrical insulating oils produced by distillation of virgin paraffinic and naphthenic crude oils followed by modern technologies involving high pressure hydrogenation and hydro-treatment. All the processes are monitored closely and appropriate Base Oil fractions are selected for further processing. Further processing involves removal of moisture and polar impurities to obtain good electrical properties. The technologies result in products with very low pour point, excellent oxidation stability, cooling characteristics and electrical properties. These properties make them suitable for the most demanding transformer applications.

Hydraulic Oil :

Hydraulic Pump is a common component in any industry. These hydraulic pumps require Hydraulic oils to make sure the smooth running and operation of these pumps.

We have full range of Hydraulic oils with us. Starting from basic Anti wear hydraulic oils to Super Clean Hydraulic oils. We also have HVLP Type hydraulic oil with high viscosity index. Also Synthetic and bio-degradable hydraulic oils are stocked by us.